Customers will find all TTF Products, Freebies, Gifts, Discounts, Special Offers, Gift Certificates and the Option "Buy as Gift" in the vendors, only in TTF Main Shop


- Wrong Purchases will not refunded
Please, be careful before to buy something!

All TTF products are COPY
- Double Purchases will be refunded. 
Provide Thea Tamura with your transaction details within 48 hours after.

- Failed Deliveries will be refunded.
Send a copy of the transaction details to Thea Tamura.  But, please, first wait some hours and try to clear Cache. Contact Thea Tamura only if the item is still missing.

Before buying, read always vendors pics (there are often all the important info there) or, for more detailed info, check the notecard of the product (clicking "Notecard" in the vendor menu) or TTF Blog.


Clothes Layers and Tattoo: Only Copy
Clothes Attachs: Copy-Mod
Shoes: Copy-Mod only with Resizer (Old shoes haven't Resizer).
Jewels: Copy-Mod & w/Resizer (Rarely "mod only with Resizer").
Accessories: Copy-Mod & w/Resizer (Rarely "mod only with Resizer").
Hair: Copy-Mod & w/Resizer (Rarely "mod only with Resizer").

Post Scriptum
If you bought Shoes from old TTF Collections and they are not scripted with a Resizer Hud, you can ask a scriptated version of them. Before buy the shoes, after send a notecard to Thea Tamura with your trasaction details and your request. TTF doesn't script with a Resizer Hud other products on request (only shoes!).


TTF provides always its customers with a detailed list of the pieces included in its products, specifying also the exact permisses for each of them.
Read carefully the info notecard (it has usually the same name of the product) included in the pack you bought or click the vendor of the product and then  "notecard" in the menu. 
TTF sends the same notecard everytimes with the Notices to SL Groups. More info are often available also on TTF Blog. 


Wearing Options:  TTF Products have, often, a lot of wearing options. Check the info notecard included in the product and look carefully at the pics included in it. You can also have a look at TTF Flickr.

Attachs H:  In every pack you buy, you find the attachments also in the version H (= with Resizer Hud). Make a copy of the attachs H and after modifying them, delete the scripts inside by menu, so you will not lag yourself and other people.


For Shoes and Hair - First, try the Demos for 0L (only in the Main Shop). Click "Demo" signs or the Pictures of products!

For Eyes Tattoos - For now, TTF doesn't offer Demos for Tattoos.
  • 50L and 90L/a Tattoo is an affordable price! Probably one of the best price in SL. If TTF provides customers with Demos of the Eyes Tattoo, the price of every Single Tattoo and the Fat Packs will be more expensive. TTF doesn't want for now an expensive price for its Tatttoos.
  • Usually, in SL, you find Demos for the Skins. Almost never you find Demos for Simple Tattoos. TTF considers its Eyes Tattoos "Simple Tattoos", not "Add-ons for Skins". In fact TTF named them "Eyes Tattoos" and not "Makeups". 


TTF vendors have in the menu the botton "BUY_AS_GIFT". Customers have simply to click the vendor and in the menu the botton "buy as gift", to type in chat  the exact name of avatar the item has to be delivered and to pay the vendor .  
More info here!


Customers can also buy one of  the Gift Certificates (Transferable). The certificates are on the table at the entrance of the shop at Folk Factory. They work only with scripts allowed in the sim. TTF disabled them for a bit. But you can contact Thea Tamura and she will let you to use the certificates.