In a world full of complacency and contentment, there are few who are willing, able, and daring enough to be creative and showcase that creativity for all to see. To be an artist, you must be passionate about the art you create, but to be a true artist, you must see the beauty in everyday objects, routines, and everyday intricacies, while never settling for the mundane, the ordinary, the pale and dull. Life is art, and art resides in the purest of forms. The beautiful colors of a butterfly's wing, to the harmonious sound of a thousand raindrops pounding the earth and cascading in a million different directions. Art truly is the personification of the soul's desires, no matter what shape that art takes. A sublime painting, a majestic symphony, a theatrical delight, a culinary masterpiece, or a doting and nurturing mother. All are beautiful, and all are an expression of the soul.

No one embodies the total meaning of art as much as Thea Tamura, a unique and talented designer, and owner of TTF (Thea Tamura Fashion). Her passion and creativity is showcased in her stores, and very much indicative of the woman she is. A loving mother, a devoted wife, and artist extraordinaire. Her definition of art is not really a definition at all. It is her inner being, reaching for the light, and exploding into thousands of shapes. From her intricate, thought provoking, eye catching, and creative designs, to her nightly dinners, Thea embraces her originality and allows us all to bask in the works she creates.

Her store itself is an expression of her experiences and her inspirations. As a student of classical and oriental cultures, her imagination is alive and well, housing and birthing her ideas to life. In her own words, she describes the study of other cultures, more specifically the art and philosophy of other people, the point when "you become really a citizen of the world and part of a 'WHOLE'". Her journey to Second Life was deeply influenced by her interest in culture and communities, with no lines drawn between real and virtual. It was this interest and desire that led her to the infinite possibilities SL has to offer. You are only as big as your imagination, and Thea is going full steam ahead.

Her life, influences, and inspirations are what she describes as a "potpourri" of various people, cultures, and experiences. There is no one thing or person that inspires or motivates Thea, but it is a culmination of life and the people that touch hers.
Her ideas and creations are spoken in metaphors and it is the imperfections for her that create true beauty. As she says, "With my dresses I would like to represent what a dress usually doesn't represent. For many people, unfortunately, the fashion is useful only to dress the body, to hide the "Whole" and all its details. For me the fashion is absolutely necessary to unveil the body, also in its "intriguing" imperfection, and what is in this body. In brief, all the details of our true essence."



Miss Virtual World (MVW) is perhaps the most important and most coveted beauty and modeling competition in all of Second Life. Held annually, thousands of entries are whittled down to just 20 finalists each representing a specific country.  The 2010 competition was no exception.  Each finalist searches the grid for clothing, and in particular, a gown for the big event, held this year on December19th in the Patch Thibuad Auditorium.

The hunt for gowns begins months in advance and many savvy contestants seek out favorite designers to create custom, one-of-a-kind creations for them to wear on the big night.  Such is the case with MVW finalist, Ivyana Szondzi, Miss Nigeria.

Ivyana sought out designer Thea Tamura, the design genius behind Thea Tamura Fashions.  Thea is known across the grid for creating some of SL’s most astonishing fashions.  Designs that are both ‘architectural’ masterpieces, constructed with the sharpest attention to movement and drape, cut and shape combined with unique, often intricate, patterns and knits, expertly stitched to reveal flawless seams that mate perfectly.  Understanding the physics of movement in SL – combining just enough flexi to move elegantly, without creating a ball of tulle 1m behind a walking avatar – perfect texture-matching, unique shapes, Thea Tamura creates bold, dramatic “temples” of fashion.

Starting several months ago, designer Thea Tamura began to create a magnificent custom gown for  Ivyana Szondi that conjures the rich colors and vibrancy of Ivyana's representative land of Nigeria.

“Miss Nigeria,” as the gown is called, features a strapless corset bodice and full-hoop gown skirt of richly patterned, jewel tones.  A cascade of geometric turquoise blues, and amethyst tones, set off by blue and white pearl beading give this magnificent gown both a sophistication appropriate for any ballroom yet still retains a cultural honesty.  Miss Nigeria includes short, matching bell sleeves and a matching beaded choker that echoes the rich gem tones and pearls.  Miss Nigeria is also complemented with matching bracelets that repeat the pearl and gems tones of the choker.  The gown also includes a rosette ring and a seperate long stand of metalic beads that reinforces the culturalism of Ivyana’s adopted African Nation.

Designer Thea Tamura has also created a dramatic headpiece that harkens to the traditional, brightly colored headscarves worn in many African nations, but has “amped-up” the couture factor with a crown of hair and headpiece that is at once bold, yet understated. 
The pattern matches that of the gown though in a more subtle and larger pattern so as not to overwhelm the overall presentation and focuses the attention on Miss Nigeria’s angelic face.