Anela is the second outfit of my new COLLECTION, "AFRICAN DREAMS", inspired to the african colors and perfumes. It's a dress with abstract floreal motifs mainly in black, white and sky blue, with little turquoise, green and orchid shades. You can matchs it with ANELA HAT w/hair, an "Upside-Down Hat" available in 4 hair colors: black, dark red, dark brunette and gold blonde.
Other Outfits...coming soon!

Detailed Content:
Layers: Pants, Shirt & Jacket
Prims: Dress w/Lateral Chains, Dress wo/Lateral Chains, Skirt w/Belt & Feathers, Dress Collars (Spine & Chest), Jacket Collars (Small & Large), Jacket Sleeves, Belt, Pants Cuffs.

Layers: Copy
Attachs: Copy-Mod & w/Resizer
Hat w/Hair: Copy - Mod & w/Resizer

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