TTF - DEVIANT (Punk will prevail)

DEVIANT COLLECTION is inspired to punk world. Punk is not a fashion $tatemenent, but the punk imaginery can contaminate, without doubt, the fashion. Not only! Often we consider the punk style as casual, urban. Rarely we consider it as high fashion. I'm convinced, instead, that it can do part rightfully of the high fashion world and it can be even elegant and sensual. I'm convinced also that in a world where anything was already seen and considered, only mixing deviant styles and designs with the traditions (the old and newest ones, the eastern and western ones), with a futuristic imagination and the personal inventiveness, we can obtain something absolutely new.
And also this my new collection is born just from this potpourri!

DEVIANT includes 3 outfits (Short outfit, Pants outfit and Skirt outfit) and High Heels.

The FAT PUNK permits you to mix the pieces of 3 outfits and to create different looks. It includes also the shoes! Here, some wearing options:

If you intend to buy the 3 outfits, I recommend you the fat pack because you will have the PANTS OUTFIT FOR FREE!

The centre-piece of this outfit is the sofisticated shirt (made of sculpted prims) that you can wear also with your own pants. More then a shirt, it looks like the Mini Dress. There are 2 versions of this Shirt/Mini Dress and one is more elegant. In fact, it is made with sequins and a decorated ribbon. You can choose between 2 different ribbons: the check one and the black one.
Here, some wearing options:

This is a basic outfit (it's also the more cheap one) and it includes diffent pants with different cuffs. There are a lot of options. The centre-piece, here, is the "plus four pants" (I hope that the terminology is right! ), available in 2 versions: in one, the sculpted pants prims are semi-transparent and they make the pants more soft and sweet.
The shirt is made with shirt and skirt layers. The skirt layer represents the bottom of shirt and you can complete it with the separated shirtneckline and belt prims. Also here there are 2 different decorated ribbons and cause they are copy, in effect you can attach them where you want, where you like more, also in the hair! :) Create your own design!
Here, some wearing options:

This is my favourite. I love it very much! Also here, as for other my dresses, I sperimented a new technique...I always look for new solutions for giving you the impression of wearing not a skirt with a shirt (the most of the dresses in sl are made so), but a real life dress, that is a dress where the top and the bottom parts look like a single piece, at least apparently.
There are 2 basic wearing options for this outfit. In reality they are much more. The more sofisticated one has a shirt with flexi and sculpted prims (named Option 2), and that comprises 2 separated pieces: the top and the bottom with an X belt. You have also 2 version of the bottom: one is with an helf skirt that amalgamates perfectly with the skirt layer, giving the impression of an "one-piece" dress. You can wear this shirt and shirt prims (without the helf-skirt) with your own pants or only the top piece with the Deviant skirt and so you will have still a different dress. Deviant 3 includes also 2 shirt layers (with 2 slightly different textures), capri pants with cuffs and capri stockings with cuffs and, as for the other outfits, the 2 different decorated ribbons.
Here, some wearing options:

Many options also here. In fact, there are 2 versions of shoes: 1) with ankle cuffs and 2) without ankle cuffs. Besides, you can wear the "shoes basis with transparent texture" or the "shoes basis with a black texture" and the shoes will appear much different. What to say. Try the demo in my shop (for 0 linden) to see how much wearing options you have also for Deviant Shoes!
Here, some wearing options:

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