Klara is an outfit for all the seasons because it includes a Wool Set and a Dress in Light Texture available in 5 colors: white, orange, red, green and violet.

If you wear the Wool Set with the Dress, Klara becomes a Winter/Fall Outfit. If you wear only the Dress without the Wool Set, it becomes a Spring/Summer Outfit. Besides, you can choose also if to wear a flexi skirt with the skirt layer or simply the skirt layer with one of 3 bottoms; a gilet in Wool or in Light Texture; a collar in Wool or in Wool and Light Texture; a high collar or a lower collar and so on.
There are many wearing options, as you can see!
Mix the pieces as you want and create your personal outfit!

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You can match Klara Outfit with one of the Klara Hats w/Black Hair.
The Hat is available in grey, green, violet, brown.

Permisses: Copy - Mod & w/Resizer Hud


- WOOL SET (to wear with the Dress)
Fall/Winter Option

a) Wool Pants & Shirt Layers
b) Wool Cuffs
d) Wool Gilet
e) High Neck in Wool
f) High Neck in Wool and Light Texture

- DRESS (to wear ALSO without the Wool Set)
Spring/Summer Option

a) Skirt & Jacket Layers
b) Flexi Skirt
c) Gilet in Light Texture
c) Bottom 1
d) Bottom 2
e) Bottom 3
f) Lower Neck all in Light Texture (to wear without the Wool Set)
g) Lower Neck in Wool and Light Texture (to wear without the Wool Set)
h) Belt

Layers: Copy
Attachs: Copy - Mod
Belt: Copy - Mod & w/Resizer

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