The Image of the Female Heroism

Inspired to Joan of Arc

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This new collection is inspired to Joan of Arc, a national heroin of France. Joan of Arc has remained an important figure in Western Culture. Depictions of her are in art and literature, film, television,video games, song, dance and now also in SL Fashion.
What had an emotional effect on my heart was that she was condemned to be burned because she worn male dress and that was contrary to the modesty of women, was prohibited by divine law and was forbidden by ecclesiastical censure on pain of anathema.
So, I wanted to represent, as only response, a modern, stilish and sexy Joan, nonetheless without giving her character qualities up: pride, strenght, bravery.
The result is amazing and revolutionary!

Johanne is a complete outfit that includes LINGERIE, a SHORT DRESS and a LONG DRESS with many wearing options and jewelled collars and belts.

Lingerie and Short Dress are also sold separately, so to give everyone the chance to have at least some pieces of this formidable collection.

Technically, it's a very detailed work; the textures are realistic and elaborate, design is stylish and original.

Fashion, Art and Culture are here mixed to create that wearable art peculiar to Thea Tamura Fashion. About the final message I wanted to give with Johanne, use your imagination!

Available only at Folk Factory: Thea Tamura Fashion Main Store

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