With this collection I say "Goodbye to Alexander McQueen and the Winter".
I feel "color and light" when I think of Alexander McQueen, the "hooligan" of the fashion world.
His light and his colors are in his will and courage to express his imaginary without chains.
Swimming upstream is not always simple...you can feel dizzy...but...as an italian song tells: "dizziness is not a fear of falling, but a desire to fly".
LOVE is AMORE. In according of my imaginary, it's always IMPURE, above all when it's passional. The "not purity" has a lot of shades, is multicoloured just like the live!
If you love, at least sometime, to free yourself from the obligation to jump on the bandwagon, so cover yourself up with this IMPURE AMORE!

9 Dresses in 9 Different Colors

Colors available:
, Gold, Red, Violet, Purple, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Green, Brown. Each dress includes also HAT W/HAIR & SHOES.
It's my way to make simple your liberation from the bandwagon!

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