This collection is inspired by Arinna, the Hittite Sun Goddess.
Designs and textures express my personal interpretation, from a modern viewpoint, of this important solar deity of the Hittite pantheon.
Solar is for me light and shadow. Maximum light in the shadow and maximum shadow in the light. Solar is sunup and sunset. Solar is passionate, sparkling, chiaroscuro.
Arinna Collection includes 3 Sets.
Each set includes different outfits, wearing options, pieces.

Use your creativity!
Mix and Metch!Create your personal exclusive look!

SET 1 (SUMMER) = Passionate side of Arinna

SET 2 (SUMMER) = Sparkling side of Arinna

SET 3 (SPRING) = Chiaroscuro side of Arinna

Layers: Only Copy
Attachs: Copy, Mod & w/Resizer Hud


As you know, I include always a lot of pieces in my creations because I'm really satisfaced not only when I can to express myself and my creativity, but also when I can stimulate you to express yourself and your creativity playing with my works, mixing and metching all the pieces I create for you.
It doesn't matter if your style is not my style...if your taste is different from mine. My style in your hands can become your personal style! You can modelling my creations on the base of your personal taste.
All what you need of is FREEDOM and CREATIVITY!

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