Miss Venezuela was modeled by Yuuki Breen for MVW 2011.
The outfit includes the dress in 2 styles (with Shorter Skirt and Longer Skir t), all the Jewels and Long Black Hair with Band (in 3 Styles & with Hair ornament).

by Jovial Jewell

Perhaps the most widely known and well-respected contest in all of SL is the Miss Virtual World Pageant. Lasting months, the search is narrowed to a few contestants, who then represent a country. Next, ensues the search for a designer to create a unique and exceptional gown.

Because of the beauty and quality of her work, Thea Tamura continues to be selected by contestants and this year was no exception. Yuuki Breen asked Thea to design her gown this year as she represents Venezuela. The influence of the many cultures that contributed to the creation of Venezuela's culture are evident too in the attributes of this amazing gown, including Africa and Spain.
Thea was influenced, not only by the rich history of the Indian tribes of Venezuela, but also by the dance culture. Dance styles including Salsa, Gaita, and Joropo are seen at festivals and fiestas across the country. Appropriately, one of the most important events in the country is the Miss Venezuela Pageant.

The art of Venezuela was greatly influenced by religious motifs. But modern art can also still see the impact of the earliest art called Petroglyph. Crafts and architecture were also very much a part of shaping the Venezuelan culture.

The Miss Venezuela gown combines a blend of primary and neutral colors to make a beautiful, bright and bold statement for anyone who wears it. The bodice is halter style and sleeveless, with depth added from the decorations on a tattoo layer.
It opens up to reveal a sexy little section of skin around the stomach area.
Topping it off is a dazzling and detailed choker. The choker has two options, one being simple and delicate, and the other being more lively, adding to it a feathered decorative. Along with the choker is a set of gorgeous earrings. The back of the gown is open revealing a woman's smooth curves and adding a sensual touch.

The dress reflects the Venezuelan culture, not only in the colors, but in the accents used in decorating the outfit. The best example of this is the staff decorated with feathers that is included with the gown. A true representation of the native culture. The skirt is lavish and full, and is awash in many colors that stand out, yet blend well at the same time.
It's layered sections will add movement to the skirt when walking or dancing in the Venezuelan Joropo style. At the waistline, is an adornment of feathers, in keeping with the cultural theme of the outfit. A brilliant feature that is also included are the arm decorations that are worn at the top of the glove, adding beauty to the elegance of the ensemble.

The creative genius of Thea Tamura is shown also with the hair and elaborate headband that is included. Using the same colors as in the gown, it is also ornamented with the same feathered accents. The hair is a flatteringly curly or long style. These rich locks of hair are very fitting for Latin American cultures.

The gown will also be released in a short version, in keeping with Thea's tradition of offering many, many options. The short version will also include variations of the bodice.

Miss Venezuela is a blend of architecture, art, fashion, and culture. The culmination of hard work, dedication, and love. Thea's pride in her work and commitment shines through this gown, and Yuuki shines wearing it.

***Special Thanks to Liata Exonar & Loveli
Inc. - House of Fashion & Art***
Loveli is committed to creativity and a unique style of expression. We seek to create a space by where those who create Fashion and Art are nurtured and encouraged. We hold as a core philosophy the family dynamic. We believe in family and sharing that love and support with our vendors, designers, artists, staff, associates and our vips.


- Tattoo (Undershirt layer)
- Shirt (Shirt and Jacket Layers)
- Shirt - More Covered Nipples (Shirt & Jacket Layers)
- Gloves
- Pants (For Long Shirt)
- Pants (For Short Skirt)

Attachments (DRESS):
- Skirt (Long)
- Skirt (Short)
- Belt
- Stick (Longer)
- Stick (Shorter)
- Earrings
- Choker
- Choker Add-On with Feathers
- Gloves Jewels ( 2 Styles)

Attachments (HAIR):
Long Black Hair with Band (Style 1)*
Long Black Hair with Band (Style 2)*
Long Black Hair with Band (Style 3)*
Hair Decoration (Lateral feathers)

* In these 3 styles of hair, the fringe have different lenghts

Copy- Mod & with Resizer Hud

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