TTF - IDANIA (Tribute to A. McQueen)

IDANIA COLLECTION is inspired by a Fashion Design of Alexander McQueen, but I added new and different details, obtaining 2 Main Sets of Outfits, SET 1 and SET 2, and FUN FUR HAT.

SET 1 and SET 2 include 4 Ready-Made Options (Skirts and Pants Outfits, Lingerie) and Jewels (Collars and Earrings).  

The 4 READY-MADE OPTIONS, in the SET 1 and in the SET 2, are only as a rough guide and I made them just for giving you an idea of the infinite possibilities that you have, with this collection, to create different looks. But also for helping you to get ready fastly (overall if you are not much expert to mix and match). In realty, the options are many more and all depends from your personal creativity. 


IDANIA is a collection right for all the seasons also thanks to its 3 different shirts (Sleeveless, Short-Sleeved or Long-Sleeved) and the separated Leather Arm Warmers (available in the Set 2). For each shirts and for the Arm Warmers there are different options (divided between the 2 Sets) and you can wear them also with your personal pants and outfit.


IDANIA SET 1, SET 2 and the FUN FUR HAT are sold also separately. The Jewels are included in the 2 Sets and you can consider them like a BONUS! If you will buy one only Set, you will can mix and match the pieces of the 4 options included in it and create new looks. But if you want to save money and to create many more looks, mixing and matching all the pieces of the 2 Sets, I advice you to buy the FULL COLLECTION.

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