A short TTF story

Hello People!
This is our first post and our english is very terrible! :)
We apologize to you for that. But don't worry! We will do everything we can so that you understand well our good intentions and our efforts to make good fashion items for the magnificent world of SL.
Yes! As said in the description of this blog...we make Jewelry & Fashion Accessories for SL.

This is our short story (outside)

September 2007. I don't know how....I rezzed the first significant item in order to do something not only for me but for all. It was good for me because my game in sl changed quite...better and better.

October 2007. Sephirot Vella buys a little land for TTF in Westbury! :) We had already some shops in SL, but to have a shop of our own...a Main Shop...is an other thing...an other sensation! :)

March 2008. We buy an other little piece of land in Westbury and we rez a new and bigger RETRO PALACE. Beautiful!

Now we are ready, also with this blog, to do seriously. :)

This is our short story

Well! We like much the ethnic style and no sooner said than done! Our Main Shop, inside, proves that! :)
Our bigger ambition is to create not only good quality jewels and accesories for SL but also and specially unusual and special products.
I still don't know if our skills are perfect. Maybe they aren't. Maybe a real perfection can't exist. Surely aiming at the perfection is a good way for increasing own skills.
We do our best for getting better and doing happy and satisfied our customers. :)

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