TTF Style

I began with simple things but, according to my first customers, they are much particular.
I don't think what is complicated and sophisticated is always beautiful. Often with the simplicity you can obtain amazing results. Creative ideas and good taste are very important for doing interesting products.
I love much the realism in SL and I'm working much for obtaining it on jewels and accessories. I hope to do in future always better. A very realistic product has many details. But the quality of details is more important of the quantity. In Italy it says "Pochi ma buoni". I don't know how to translate it in english. Literaly it sounds "Few but Good". :)
So simplicity, realism and accuracy of the details....These are the special features of the TTF products.
Here is my first SL choker! :)

TTF Pot-Pourri

In our shop you can find today more of 100 items. Chokers and necklaces, bracelets and earrings, armbands and anklets, shoes and sandals, hats and scarfs, bags and flexy skirts. What to say? I couldn't believe my eyes! Really I made all that? :)
The style is almost always ethnic, urban. But it doesn't lack the elegance. I hate the things without story and without soul. I love wild ones, full of passion. According of me, the objects are not only inanimate and lifeless things. Often they express who we are, what we want and we think about the life. They reveal our character, our sentiments.
You make an object and that object is you. You wear an object and that object is you. I think that! :)
Here is my last SL choker! :)

What an incredible evolution! :)

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Thea Tamura said...

Thinking what I'm building today and how I'm building it....I can say..."Yes! What incredible evolution!" :-)
BUT...damn!...my english is always the same:Terrible! :)))