Man, Woman, Unisex

In Sl you can find a lot of items for woman...not many for man, also if in the last times the designers are more careful of demands and the needs of the men. One of my intentions is to satisfay also the male customers. :)
Anyway, I like much the good quality accessories and jewels for man. In fact, when I make a jewel for man, I wear it with much pleasure. Here is because some TTF items are unisex. :)
Some TTF Vendors show a symbol to mean "for man", "for woman" and "unisex". They are only indicative...you can decide alone if that specific item can be right also for you. :)
My first interesting necklace for man.

My last choker for man.

Marijuana Choker is very beautiful ... simple but in the same time very particular. Is it sure that it's right only for man? I don't think! :-)
And that? :)

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