New Releases - April 2008
I hate to do always the same things... I get bored soon. So I decided to create new things and to test my skills also in other kind of products. My new creatures are shoes and flexi skirts...both jewelled. These are my first and successful attempts. :)

The Shoes
According of me, making shoes in SL is very difficult. Many designers use sculped prims for the shoes...The final result is often really exceptional. But I think that if you create a good quality product with the only means of the SL editor, then you are a very good SL designer and the product is very valuable! :) Yes, because it's very tiring to join more of 100 prims to have a perfect shape of shoe. You need of many hours of work!
For now you can find in my Main Shop the Lolita Shoes. Fiuuuu! What a effort! :-)
The question is that: "Is it worth suffering so much?".
The answer is: "Yes! :) If the result is that!" :)

Lolita Shoes are in 8 different colors.

Black One doesn't show very well the particulars compared with other shoes, also if it is the same a very good piece. So I decided to sell it cheap. Take advantage of this special price! :)

The Skirts
What to say! I like much these skirts and not because I made them. :) The textures are very particular, but the interesting characteristic is the jewel in front, a red heart with an arrow that crosses it. The name, in fact, is Red Heart Skirts. I used three different textures: silver striped, blue striped and green striped. Enjoy! :)

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