I feel very ispired in this period. :)
I have just created my exclusive collection of the shoes, belts and scarves.
It's high detailed and realistic, you can believe to me! :)

General Info
Collection name: Lady Snake
Prims: Normal and Sculpted
Materials: Leather - with buckles in gold and silver
Permisses: Copy & Mod w/Resizer Hud
Colors: Black, Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Silver, Violet (w/silver buckles)
Forest Green, Gold, Olive, Red, Turquoise, Wood (w/gold buckles)

And now the attachments! :))
You can attach the belts to pelvis and stomach and the scarves to chest and spine. So you can wear the belts also with a skirt and the scarfes also with a necklace.

To resize...
Now, you can and it's also very simple.
All my items of this collection come with the Resizer Hud, a Hud that allows you to modify your shoes, belts and scarfes.

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